auto bearing spring series
 motorcycle front & rear damping spring
 pressing, blocking, tensing, twisting spring
 other spring series
 golf tour bus spring

Credit:We trust that nothing is more important than credit, so we will hold it.
Service:Customers always first, our efforts are sincere.
Quality:Precise equipment + professional technology + devotional service

Running idea:Exploitation and innovation, producing the excellent products and contributing to the society.
Gathering elites, exerting the team intelligent to achieve the enterprise's goal Keep improving, creating the benefit to repay the members
Manage principle:Win more customers depending on the excellent products and services
Quality policy:Pursue the continuous improvement, create the excellent quality Satisfy the customers' requirement, and stride to the internationalization

Manage general rules:Following the standardization and humanization
Developing goal:Creditable, harmonious, innovated and energetic Being the predominant enterprise with continuous development

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